We are an event management agency that is driven by the passion for creating unique, memorable, and extraordinary experiences that will stay with you forever.

Our secret?


We listen to understand who you are, what makes you YOU and what you really aspire to be. We work hard to give you the perfect day by leaving no stone unturned, no detail unattended and no possibility unexplored. Our focus is on creating experiences because an event may be forgotten, but an experience lasts a lifetime. Your perfect event starts with us.

Our Mission

To breath magic into special and memorable events that will be etched in the minds forever.

Our Vision

To raise the bar of event excellence and create celebrations that are both unique and unforgettable.

Our Process

We believe your planning experience should be as enjoyable as the event itself

Project Research

We know how to integrate the latest market trends and client's uniqueness to make the event an outstanding one.

Proposal & Budgeting

Proposals are made strictly under the budget demands, adhering to the principle of providing the best services under all circumstances.

Conceptualizing & Designing

The magical experiences are weaved into a memorable night by our expert team who knows precisely what our clients wish for.

Feedback & Approvals

At the end of the day, it's all about the clients. Nothing moves until they are happy about the progress of the event on the days leading up to the big night.

On Ground Execution

With our exceptional team of skilled professionals, we are known to deliver ground results that are not only remarkable but completely unforgettable.

Technical Support

We specialise in handling each and every logistical element of your event with detail and precision. We ensure that our team is focused on your event from the moment it is hired to each day leading up to your celebration.

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